Grace Terry

I love food, travel, wellness, adventures, and anything good for the soul. I began educating myself about food in college and slowly fell in love with it. Building a positive relationship with food in turn allowed me to build a positive relationship with myself. Once I became confident in my own skin, I started this whole solo adventure/hiking/traveling kick and became slightly obsessed. Combining the world of wellness with my severe case of wanderlust has truly been a blast (think lots of fun camping meal prepping).

I am originally from Newport Beach, CA but am now a Portland, OR native. I was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, and am on a mission to spread awareness about this completely misunderstood illness. I have a degree in finance and will soon be starting a position at Morgan Stanley as a Wealth Advisor. I am a strong believer that financial health plays a big role in our overall health and stress!

My life consists of practicing yoga, rock climbing, camping, hiking, researching wellness topics, sipping on matcha, running, beach going, building smoothie bowls, practicing self care, strolling farmer's markets, and traveling as much as I can. I love discussing food, wellness rituals, and travel aspirations with other individuals. Transitioning into a holistic way of life filled with the great outdoors has empowered me to find my best self, and I truly hope I can help others do the same!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions/comments/happy thoughts. You can contact me by emailing nativegrace@icloud.com.